What’s Sapporo Roundwalk?

Around Sapporo 140km

Sapporo is a city surrounded by lush greenery.
To share the beauty of this natural richness with more people,
we aim to enjoy it together.

Enjoy Nature Satoyama Area
Hilly Area with a View of the City
Rural Area of History and Culture

We have established three courses.

Three Area

Hilly Area

Hilly Area with a View of the City

Rural Area

Rural Area of History and Culture

Satoyama Area

Enjoy Nature Satoyama Area

「Sapporo Round Walk Charter」

  1. nature protection
    Establishing the courses to cultivate lush greenery and water
  2. study of hometowns
    Establishing the courses to learn and protect the hometown and convey our pride in it
  3. health promotion
    Establishing the courses to promote health
  4. tourism resources
    Establishing the courses as tourism resources to promote the value of Sapporo
  5. collaboration with citizens
    Establishing the courses to protect and transmit them in collaboration with citizens
  6. sustainability
    Establishing the courses familiar to as many people as possible to transmit them to children and grandchildren


We started selling maps.

Sapporo Roundwalk Map

We provide a convenient app for walking.

Sapporo Roundwalk App